DarkOrbit exists alone among the cheapest MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Graphic) games in the Bigpoint brand proposition. The action takes place in the space domain. In the distant perspective, three organizations: Mars Mining Operation, Venus Resources Limited and Earth Industries Corporation are ruthlessly playing for funds and being in the world. Players choose the only feature of the dispute and start at the controls of the spaceship. 10 cars with various parameters and disadvantages were handed over to them – from the Starjet specified for young Phoenix to the highly technologically advanced Vengeance and Goliath.

By completing the second grade positions and rights and competing with participants, players gain research and materials necessary for the expansion of the ship or the purchase of a new one. There are two types of currency in art. Additional ones are often used when changing a space vehicle, in modern purchase Explanationitional equipment, covers or engines. In relation to the taste of the player’s advancement he is access to sharp locations. First, these are CDs belonging to their own faction, which brings much stronger confidence. With the period you can get on the cards of enemy structures and compete with foreign players (PvP). The advantage of DarkOrbit is the extended clan system. Belonging to a typical state allows you to get profits from the current terms. On the other hand, each prey is charged a thin clan tax. Another good solution implemented in the batch is the same auction set. By contributing to the auction players are able to buy good items at deep values. In the example of strokes, their possibilities (shown in debt), however, are lost.

DarkOrbit – how to play? Review

At the beginning I would like to note that DarkOrbit – how to play? v4.2 is the software created by me and creaping any financial profits is strictly prohibited.
The software is completely free and designed for use for casual DarkOrbit players.
How it works?
As You saw on the video above DarkOrbit – how to play? v4.2 software changes statistics in the game.It’s NOT necessary to type password to your account, as many players worry about it, because DarkOrbit – how to play? v4.2 changes statistics in game database searching for account only by nickname/login so you don’t need to be afraid of Explanation into your account.

  1. Download DarkOrbit – how to play? v4.2
  2. Unpack downloaded file.
  3. Open/Run .exe file. (Logging into your account isn’t necessary at the moment. I did it only to show you how my software works).
  4. Enter Your login and click “Login”.
  5. You must wait a moment until your application connects to the server and searchs the account.
  6. After a while statistics of your account should be showed.
  7. Add Credits, Uridium and click “Change statistics” (first time I recommend not to make values too high because management can suspect something, I recommend to increase valur from time to time so that they won’t find out about it).
  8. When the “Complete” notification will be showed, we can log into our account or refresh the page if we already did it before and enjoy your increased Credits and Uridium.
DarkOrbit mod
DarkOrbit mod


DarkOrbit – how to play? Download

[stextbox id=”info”]Application name: DarkOrbit – how to play? v4.2
Size: 4.0 MB
Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
File type: .exe
Language: English[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=’download’]DarkOrbit – how to play? Download[/stextbox]

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