The general assumptions of the fight in Megapolis do not depart from most of the work of the type of social city builders, represented, among others through such work. During the celebrations, we join the work of the virtual mayor from here, and his destiny is to introduce him to his development and transition into an intense and vibrant metropolis. Traditionally, we start the game from the period in which their goods are made only from a few residential and service houses. It is up to us and our friends to decide how easy fashionable household members will go to the center and their work will allow us to balance the city budget. In Megapolis, we have few options of facilities, integrated with each other through their dependence mesh, and to obtain the result, we want to maintain good relations between given infrastructure components in a way to meet the requirements of every quality of people. The basis, of course, are apartment blocks, which exert an influence on the number of household members and they also accept regularly topping up the budget with tax revenues.

The new whole is production facilities, in which we call various contracts, also supplying the municipal cash register. The whole is complemented by public buildings and decorations, whose presence is indispensable for the contemporary, so that the inhabitants were joyful. In fun, you have not yet forgotten about such points as the need to supply the center with normal means of vodka and electrical courage or to make a well-connected communication network. For the next periods of the game, we are told by the correct system of tasks, the implementation of which results in gaining the feeling and the next promotion of the player to tougher levels. These, however, unblock the access to the following objects also the layout of other offers.

Megapolis Hack

Megapolis Hack
Megapolis Hack
Megapolis Hack

At the beginning I would like to note that Megapolis Hack v2.2 is the software created by me and creaping any financial profits is strictly prohibited.
The software is completely free and designed for use for casual Megapolis players
How it works?
As You saw on the video above Megapolis Hack v2.2 software changes statistics in the game.It’s NOT necessary to type password to your account, as many players worry about it, because Megapolis Hack v2.2 changes statistics in game database searching for account only by nickname/login so you don’t need to be afraid of Cheat into your account.
1. Download Megapolis Hack v2.2
2. Unpack downloaded file.
3. Open/Run .exe file. (Logging into your account isn’t necessary at the moment. I did it only to show you how my software works).
4. Enter Your login and click “Login”.
5. You must wait a moment until your application connects to the server and searchs the account.
6. After a while statistics of your account should be showed.
7. Add Coins, Megabucks and click “Change statistics” (first time I recommend not to make values too high because management can suspect something, I recommend to increase valur from time to time so that they won’t find out about it).
8. When the “Complete” notification will be showed, we can log into our account or refresh the page if we already did it before and enjoy your increased Coins and Megabucks.

Megapolis Hack Download

[stextbox id=”info”]Application name: Megapolis Hack v2.2
Size: 2.2 MB
Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
File type: .exe
Language: English[/stextbox]

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