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Subway Surfers is an attractive representative of the endless runner genre, which is common on portable tools. The attraction is the result of cooperation between the SYBO Games studio and the Kiloo team professional on the mobile game square, which he remembers on the local account, including several versions of the popular Hugo series in possibilities for smartphones with Java. In music, we fulfill the roles of juvenile graffiti artists, who are stopped by the use of oils on railway wagons and are dictated to escape from the dog inspector who is following them. Fun refers to the correct rotation of the roofs of wagons and railway tracks, and the emergence of obstacles in the last trains coming.

The issue we study can rotate among the three available tracks, jump over and roll under the walls, and use a special jet skateboard. During the escape, we collect only money, which is then important to call for more magnificent examples of skateboards, jetpack, and even bonus characters heroes. When on a completely casual production, Subway Surfers identifies itself with a fairly appropriate sound setting and low, but very interesting HD graphics. It is worth mentioning that along with the following updates, the creators entered the world tour music hacke, in which we get quite different scenery (e.g. Arabia) and the role of the characters.

At the beginning I would like to note that Subway Surfers Hack v2.6 is the software created by me and creaping any financial profits is strictly prohibited.
The software is completely free and designed for use for casual Subway Surfers players.
How it works?
As You saw on the video above Subway Surfers Hack v2.6 software changes statistics in the game.It’s NOT necessary to type password to your account, as many players worry about it, because Subway Surfers Hack v2.6 changes statistics in game database searching for account only by nickname/login so you don’t need to be afraid of Cheat into your account.

  1. Download Subway Surfers Hack v2.6
  2. Unpack downloaded file.
  3. Open/Run .exe file. (Logging into your account isn’t necessary at the moment. I did it only to show you how my software works).
  4. Enter Your login and click “Login”.
  5. You must wait a moment until your application connects to the server and searchs the account.
  6. After a while statistics of your account should be showed.
  7. Add keys, coins and click “Change statistics” (first time I recommend not to make values too high because management can suspect something, I recommend to increase valur from time to time so that they won’t find out about it).
  8. When the “Complete” notification will be showed, we can log into our account or refresh the page if we already did it before and enjoy your increased keys and coins.
Subway Surfers hack1
Subway Surfers hack2



[stextbox id=”info”]Application name: Subway Surfers Hack v2.6
Size: 1.7 MB
Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
File type: .exe
Language: English[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=’download’]Subway Surfers Hack Download[/stextbox]

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